Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Monk: Sharona or Natalie?

The Monk I refer to friends is the USA original television show. It stars Tony Shaloub playing an OCD private detective and it is very entertaining, however, why is it that USA feels the need to play it ALLLLL the time? I feel like whenever I am bored and have nothing else to do I know Monk will be on.

Anyways, I digress. This post is not about the frequency of Monk episodes played, but about his two assistants: Sharona and Natalie. Which one did you like better?

Contestant # 1: Sharona Fleming

Sharona was Monk's first assistant. She grew up in New Jersey, hence the heavy accent, and later became a nurse. After being Monk's nurse, she became his full-time assistant. She has a son and a very spicy attitude. Eventually, she ends up leaving Mr. Monk after realizing he is driving her slowly insane and affecting her love life.

Contestant #2: Natalie Teeger

Natalie comes to Mr. Monk as a client needing him to solve a case. Someone has broken into her home looking for something and she is scared for her and her daughter's life. After Mr. Monk solves her case she decides to become his new assistant.

So..who do you like better?


Anthony said...

I prefer the third choice: Me. As Monk's new assistant.

tp said...

okay, i know i am like a week late, but i have to say, although sharona is comical, i just love natalie. i didn't at first but now i just love how she takes care of mr. monk :)

She Can Laugh at the Days to Come said...

hahah thanks for the comment tara!

Jenn said...

as someone who used to watch an abundance of monk with you, i would have to say that i like natalie. She and monk click and I also think that perhaps they should consider dating one another.

Devid said...

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JW said...

The show really lost something when Sharona left and it never really ever regained the chemistry. The Natalie character has definitely been good, but Sharona and Monk had the perfect mix.