Friday, May 30, 2008

Indigenous Tribe in Brazil

This was such an interesting story on AOL I had to blog about it. Apparently, there are more than 100 uncontacted tribes in the world. Ridiclous! Look at these dudes.

It is so amazing to me to think, as I type on my computer, that there are people who have never heard of a computer, do not speak English, and live in hut. Dang.

Here is the full article.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Wedding Weekend

When I say wedding weekend, I mean exactly that: 2 weddings in one weekend. It was long, but very fun!

Wdding # 1: Matt Sheridan
Connection: Leader of College Youth Group

Matt Sheridan is the man. He is such an awesome and dorky guy! I was actually surprised to be invited to his VERY country wedding. The day started at 1:45 when Anthony and I drove over to the Kirker's to carpool. Matt, Jess, Thomas, Heather, Anthony, and I all drove in the Kirker minivan to Matt's wedding which started at 6:00.

You may be asking, why did you leave so early?!!? Well I will tell you: the wedding was near Charlottesville, Virginia. It took a good 2.5 hours to get there. We only got "lost" once as we missed an exit, but Thomas, the RENOUND geography major, would tell you otherwise. The ride there was beautiful with the Blue Ridge mountains to our right. We finally arrived to the final road off NewTown Road. You see, the actual location of the wedding had no real address. It was a straight up farm. We had to get there by a dirt road. There were cows. On the road.

It was a new experience. The six of us, minus Anthony, are city people. We rounded a corner and saw a few farm buildings and a bunch of chairs set up in front of the beautiful mountains. There was also a dog herding, that's right...herding, some cows off the field. The cows would have been in the background of the wedding pictures and no one wants cows in their wedding pics! We later learned that not only did the dog serve as an effective cow herder, but also, as a very short ring bearer. They should probably pay him in good human food or something for his services. We finally arrived at our final destination after passing fancy porta-potties, men in suits grilling hamburgers, and a shack of junk. We opted to park next to the shack of junk at the end of the gravel road. We walked towards the huge tent set up and saw the bride, Leslie, in the farm house getting all perty! No, but it really was a nice tent and set up. They could not have asked for a more beautiful location for their wedding. It was pretty country though.

After the wedding and while waiting to get called on to answer a question about the bride and groom so we could get in line for food, we decided to go take cheesy mountain pictures. Clearly, we did not know as much about the bride and Matt, for that matter, so we went out for a little bit.

Wedding # 2: Amanda Galeano
Connection: college friend and workout buddy

This wedding was beautiful as well, located at Mount Airy Mansion. Just Anthony and I drove this time. Amanda walked down the aisle to "Once Upon A Dream." SO CUTE. It was outside and then the reception was inside the mansion. There was awesome snacks afterwards including grilled shrimp, steak on a stick, and all kinds of cheese and fruit. After the wedding party finished taking pictures they joined us inside the mansion for dancing and dessert. We didn't stay too long and left after the Electric Slide.

I pose this question to all of you: Have you ever been to two weddings in one weekend, and if so, after them how did you feel? Tired? Need to start speed dating?

Friday, May 23, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of...Aliens?!?!?

Ok this movie was horrendous. I was so disappointed. It started off okay and then it way haywire. It was completely unrealistic, but in an annoying way. There were tons of references to the other movies which is good sometimes, but not all the time. When there are too many it loses its flair. The whole story was just weird. I cannot believe there was actually an alien being. I openly laughed. I could not believe it. I could believe the crusader from the 3rd one being alive for 600 years, I can believe a dude who tears hearts out of chests, and I can believe in the Ark's power, but aliens?! Come on! I love Harrison Ford and I love that Karen Allen, his original leading lady, came back to the big screen with him, but the whole thing with Shia was very predictable. In fact, most of the movie was predictable. I think they overloaded on the special effects because they could with all the technology we have now they didn't have before. Some of the fight scenes went on and on and left me saying...for real? Did that just happen?

I would love to hear what you guys think! Sorry if that was a bit...harsh...but I'm just being honest.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Time of My Life - David Cook Wins! -American Idol 7 Winner

For those of you who do not know, I am a closet American Idol Season 7 Fan. I loveeeee David Cook (but only with his goatee...I am shallow in that regard.) I had class last night and upon returning I was informed that David Cook had won the competition. This was a surprise to me! I could almost hear the teeny-boppers of America crying for the loss of their David Archuleta (spelling?). I quickly YouTubed the finale and here it is, tears and all:

Monday, May 19, 2008

Former Fighter Pilot Flies on Self-Made Rocket?!

Check this article out. Basically, former fighter pilot Yves Rossy, 48, accelerated to 186 miles an hour May 14, 2008, over the Swiss Alps during his first public flight while strapped to his self-made, jet-powered wings.

And So It Begins...More School

I started graduate school today at George Mason University. I'm enrolled in the Video Production program. The class I had tonight was Script Writing. It should be very interesting as I have to write a 15 to 20 page script by the end of June. It can be about anything. I would LOVE any script ideas for stories you guys can think of! Leave some comments!


Sunday, May 18, 2008

I Beat You.Com

Greetings friends,

I have graduated college and now am moving on to...more college. Boo. The first day back has been awesome. It's relaxing and strange to live with so few people!

I need to introduce you all to this website called I Beat You. Basically, it is a competition website where users upload pics and videos to user-created contests. I am addicted. Check it out.

Furthermore, check out this competition and tell me if you think rank number 2 is legit. I hope by the time you look at this it's still the same pic. Let's just's underwater.

I start summer school tomorrow. Bummer!

Hollaback Hallelujah