Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back To Salisbury! Oh wait...& Ocean Pines

It is that time of the year where I would normally wait until last minute to cram all of my crap into black trash bags and then go to school. Fortunately and unfortunately, that is not the case this year. I have moved on into the pseudo real world and start fall classes for grad school at George Mason tomorrow.

It has just hit me tonight that I will not be going back to my Jenn Booze and that she and everyone else will. Krista lives in Salisbury now. Sarah, Casey, and Colleen have moved to Silver Spring and well, that leaves only a few lucky people who will be blessed to spend time with me. :-) But seriously, it has become depressing to think I will not be returning to the Bury and that real life awaits me. I know, however, that God has awesome plans and He will keep me thoroughly busy between work, school, and church.

This past week I was at Ocean Pines with my parents and Anthony playing on the new boat, crabbing, and just hanging out. It was wonderful. It was the last hoorah before both he and I start school. My Dad liked to point that out, but also add how he and my mom will continue in their hoorah-ing as she is retired and he gets paid an obscene amount of money to work a quarter of the year. Oh to be old.

Ironically enough, our trip to the beach was not spent at the beach at all. In fact, sand never touched my feet. Crabbing was my obsession. The first day Anthony and I conquered and caught nine crabs from a local pier.

The next day we went crabbing on our boat. It was AWESOME. We caught six, I believe. You see, we were catching crabs with a purpose. Anthony and I planned to make crab imperial for dinner on Friday. We were on a mission. We had caught 15 crabs up til that day, but we wanted more. The next day we went again from the boat and caught five crabs. 21 crabs later, we were satisfied and we had steamed and picked those suckers clean!

Who else loves crabbing??!? I'm a crab maniac and suggest it. :-)


Leesh said...

the expression on your face in the last picture made me laugh.
Coffee time again soon??

Anthony said...

Arghhh Im a pirate

You are the master crabber