Friday, September 12, 2008

The Tiger Workout

Do you guys remember this??? Hahaha. This is only the first half...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Documentary #1

I am in a documentary class at GMU and I have to create two documentaries this semester. My first is going to be on the DC United fan group Barra Brava. I am going to DCU's game this Saturday night versus FC Dallas to film the Barra Brava. I will film them tailgating in the parking lot, walking in together as a group, and getting rowdy in the stands. I cannot wait!

Be excited. I am.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Busy Busy Busy...and Harry Potter

Sorry friends that it has been so long. Since my last post I went to the beach for Labor Day with my Grandmas, visited SU, started classes at GMU and one at American University, and led my first high school Bible study. Woohoo!

Let's start with Labor Day. My Grandma from Ohio visited so my parents took her to the beach. Naturally, my Dad brought his Mom too for a fun, Bingo-filled weekend. Those old ladies crack me up.

I mean look at them. Honestly.

Going back to SU was strange. You know when you were a senior and you told your friends who had graduated to come back whenever they wanted and you really meant it because it didn't seem weird? Well, when you're on the flip side it is strange and you understand why those graduated friends come once and never again. Nonetheless, I have openly stated my position as that loser who will be at SU every other weekend. I am okay with it. At least I will own up to it. Yes, I have few friends here and yes, I do enjoy college life and being with friends and Anthony.

Classes are amazing (besides one)! I look forward to going to every class. I say every this time because the one class I LOATHEEEEEE is online. >:o I am taking 2 commuter courses at GMU and one at AU. The AU class is awesome. It is motion this stuff

As far as HP...I am SO MAD!!!!!!!!!!!! Why the HECK did they freaking postpone the movie from November to NEXT SUMMER! I don't care that it will make more money. Besides, who says it will? The Bat man? Where has the heart of movies gone? Why do producers only care about money and not the stories that make it for them? oi vay I say! OI VAY! You know we live in a cutthroat world when the last greatest children's hero, HP, gets postponed for money. Sad.